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Introducting Contactless for Centralise Meeting Rooms

Published at 7th March 2021 by Tim Baker

With the newly released version of Centralise Meeting Rooms, we are the only meeting room display software to offer contactless features.

How It Works

When enabled, a QR Code is shown on each meeting room display. By opening the camera app on any modern smartphone and showing it the QR code, it will detect a unique and secure URL. This can normally be tapped on to take the user to a fast and responsive mobile site, that is styled in the same way as your device.

How Can Contactless Use Help Create a COVID-Secure Workplace?

Touchpoints, such as door handles, switches and shared IT equipment can spread the disease as the virus lives on the surface and is spread from one person to another.

By using the QR code displayed on screen to book and confirm meetings, you're reducing the need to touch meeting room displays and thus the number of touchpoints.

Configuring Contactless Features

Contactless use can be enabled under Designs in three ways:

  • Optional (default) QR code will be shown and the buttons on the device can be used if the user chooses too
  • Only Allow Contactless Use QR Code will be shown, and all buttons on device will not be shown
  • Hide Disabled and no QR code will be shown on the device

The contactless display can edited so that all text and colours can also be changed. We strongly advise you choose highly contrasting font and background colours to make the QR code as easily scannable as possible.