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Maximise Utilization of Your Meeting Rooms

Published at 3rd June 2020 by Tim Baker

With space at a premium, it's important that it is utilized effectively and friction is reduced so that meetings start positive and stay productive. We've looked at how you can use Centralise Meeting Rooms to reduce some of the most common issues.

"This meeting's important, can you find somewhere else?"

Meeting room theft is a real thing, with many people feeling their meeting is more important than others.

While no software will be able to fix this on its own, simple rules can alleviate this. For example, whoever has the room booked takes priority - even if a call has already been started, or the current meeting has overrun. This will quickly change old habits and encourage repeat offenders to book rooms in advance and encourage everyone to finish meetings on time.


In every office there are recurring meetings which often get forgotten about or no one shows up (perhaps they're on holiday). This stops rooms being booked and being used on an ad-hoc basis. The feature Event Presence (which you can manage under Features in your account) means an event will cancel after a given time period if no one attends the meeting. This helps to free up resources for ad-hoc usage, however, you can also see the most frequent event organisers to do this in Reports. Addresses these organisers and asking them to ensure they cancel meetings when they don't take place will help reduce unnecessary confusion.