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Returning Safely to Offices with Centralise's Apps

Published at 30th May 2020 by Tim Baker

This year has seen the biggest change in working habits in a generation. As lockdowns are lifted across the world, we wanted to highlight how our apps can be used to help enable the safe return of your team to the office. With contactless sign in, remote management of meeting rooms and more features being released regularly, we hope you'll be able solve some of the challenges you are facing.

Contactless Meeting Room Signage

We have now released a new version of Centralise Meeting Rooms that allows touch free use. This works by displaying a QR code that can be scanned to reveal a fast and secure mobile site that your users can confirm meeting presence on, as well as book meetings and more. Find out more about this release and contactless features here.

You can enable this under Features in your account, and can either allow users to continue using the buttons on the device if they’re happy too, or switch these off and require them to use the touch-free method instead.

Manage Spaces Remotely

With the increase of working from home, this often hits the facilities and IT Teams the hardest, with so much of what they need to requiring physical presence.

One way this can be reduced is with Notices that can be enabled on each device independently. So if you’re working from home and learn that one of you meeting rooms requires cleaning, or has broken AV equipment, you can display a notice on the device to let your team know this - removing the need for immediate attendence.

Notices can be set to allow users to hide them, or keep them open at all times - and as with so many other things, the look and feel of them can be changed from within Designs.

Guest and Visitor Contactless Sign In and Pre-Screening

As the world wide community emerges from the pandemic, pre screening questionnaires are likely to become the norm - or even required in some situations. We are working on a brand new experience to make this incredibly easy and effective. If you’d like early access, please email get-support@centralise.io.

Configure Your Devices to Minimise Interruptions.

We’ve build Centralise to be as reliable as possible - we want to reduce your workload. Device update settings are outside of the control app however, and, through how Apple’s software update works, it can cause your device to restart when it automatically gets updates.

General these are rare, and we recommend leaving automatic updates switched on from the best security and performance. However, if your devices are left unattended for long periods, or in security display frames where keys are required to access the home button, we suggest disabling automatic updates. Below we’ve linked to Apple’s support articles on how to do this.

Cleaning Devices

Understandably, most people are worried about cleaning screens for fear of damaging them by liquid ingress or chemical corrosion. This is not incorrect, care is needed whenever you clean devices but with the right methods you can clean the surfaces to improve hygiene. This Apple support article provides in depth guidance on how to clean your devices.