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Tips for Where to Locate Your Display Along with Recommended Stands and Mounts

Published at 15th May 2020 by Tim Baker

Getting the positioning of your device right is key for having the best user experience. Our tips here apply for any of our apps and one of the things we most suggest is trying different ideas - often the best solution for each organisations needs to iterated over.

Selecting Location

Location is key - make sure that your device is accessible to all your users, including those with physical disabilities, without creating hazards such as cables trailing. Floor stands tend to be best for Guest & Visitor Sign In, while wall mounting is normally preferred for meeting rooms. Make sure your device is safely secured so it can’t be knocked and broken on the floor. We also suggest, where possible, devices are mounted so they are not visible through windows or doors to improve security

Power Supply

With all power cables there is an increasing loss of power as the cable gets longer. This affect can often be greater than expected and will mean that a 10m USB cable will loose a sufficient amount of power that it can no longer fully charge an iPad - resulting in its battery running out. We suggest therefor using an mains extension cable to get the plug supplied with your iPad within 2 meters of the iPad itself - we wouldn’t recommend using a USB cable for 2 meters in length for most use cases.

No plug socket nearby? iPads can also be powered by Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) adapters. In other words, this draws power over network cables, but your infrastructure has to support this so best to check with your IT team. These adapters can easily be picked up on Amazon for around £100 or $100, and you can also get enclosures which have PoE built in. As with all power adapters, we strongly advise using Apple’s own or reputable brands due to the risk of interference, poor performance and reducing fire hazards.

Design Reflecting Space

All our apps can have their design changed to suit your brands, but why not take it a step further by theming the design to each devices location?

If you have rooms in a location with poor lighting, we suggest using a design that uses less white within it, opting instead of a rich set of dark colours to stop glare.


Every organisations security needs will vary, and some locations inherently need improved stronger protections. As mentioned above, reducing the number of devices which are visible outside of your control will reduce the chances of theft. However you can go further than this, using lockable mounts and enclosures in high risk environments and also enabling Find My Device on each iPad, so that if it is stolen, it can be remotely locked.