A better meeting room display

Easier to set up, easier to maintain. Utilise your meeting spaces better with Centralise Meeting Rooms - a powerful and customisable meeting room display.

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Everything you need

Privacy focused

Everything happens on-device, meaning your data goes from calendar to screen and no where else.


Heavily customisable, from colours to features to layout.

Updated frequently

We're always adding to the app. What's changed


As everything happens on device, there's less to go wrong.

Book meetings on-device

Let your team book ad-hoc meetings and customise the requirements to suit you.

Cancel no-show meetings

Stop wasted meeting room space, cancel events when no one show's up after a certain time.

Easy to set up, easy to maintain

Get running in no time using the quick start wizard.

Completely compatible

Works with G-Suite, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud and many more. Or just use a local calendar not connected to anything else.

Simpler, fairer pricing


All features, multiple devices, cancel anytime, 1 week free trial

Get Started

Everything monthly has, but with one month free

Get Started

Get started

  • 1. Download the app to your iPad
  • 2. Start your free trial in the app
  • 3. Quickly add your meeting room calendar (we support G-Suite, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud and more)
  • 4. Customise your device
  • 5. Manage your subscription on your device
  • Need more? Find detailed installation instructions here

Frequently asked questions

Centralise Meeting Rooms works on any iPad running iOS 11.4 or newer.

Most company calendar applications (Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook and more) allow for a meeting room or event space to be selected when creating an event. This is saved in that rooms (or "resources") calendar.

Once you download the app and start a trial you'll be prompted to add this calendars/resources calendar to the app either by adding the calendar to the device first or for Google Workspace directly through our integration.

All of our subscriptions are managed through the app store - giving you peace of mind. You can start your subscription, and free trial, when you first open the app. Once you've joined you can cancel through the app or through your device's settings.

Paying for just one subscription, you can use the app on up to 10-12 devices according to Apple's Fair Usage Policy. Getting set up for more devices is easy too - email get-support@centralise.io so we can give you tailored help.

All colours and backgrounds can be updated - we even include some stunning images and pre-built themes that you can use. You can also enable or disable features as well as customise how they work. We're not stopping there, we're regularly bringing more customisation options to the app.

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